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Welcome to the 2022 NHIA Annual Conference Submittal Portal

Poster Submissions
Research is crucial for advancing home and specialty infusion – share yours during NHIA’s 2022 Annual Conference. Research abstracts for posters that address the complexities of home infusion and specialty pharmacy are being accepted now. Clinical and non-clinical industry-related presentations are welcomed.

Suggested Topics
Clinical best practice guidelines, reimbursement/revenue cycle, intake, sterile compounding, business development/sales, strategic planning, leadership, quality/outcomes, case studies, strategies to manage cost, supply chain management, specialty pharmacy, infusion suites, sterile compounding, home infusion nursing, human resources, safety, business diversification, patient care models, hospital at home, performance improvement, virtual technology use, training and education, performance improvement strategies, models, and success stories, vascular access device management, patient education, promoting a culture of safety, alternative medicine, parenteral and enteral nutrition, pharmacy technician related topics, patient safety, cost containment, employee satisfaction, etc.

Criteria for acceptance:

  • Abstract must include clear purpose statement, list of methods, results, outcomes and discussion, and strong conclusion.
  • Abstract must clearly articulate relevance to the industry and identify sources used and the findings’ importance to advancing home and specialty infusion.
  • At least one author from the poster must be registered to attend the NHIA Annual Conference and be available to discuss the poster during the moderated session.
  • In the event an author received acceptance for multiple posters, a different individual must present each poster during the moderated poster session time. An author may not simultaneously lead discussion for more than one poster in the display.
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